Here Lies the Girl


Here lies the girl

Who’s heart was bigger than her mind.

Who was more damaged by the thought of everyone’s disapproval.

Her head was hanging low and people pushed her lower.

The girl whose smile shined brighter than the stars,

But everyone rubbed dirt on.

She was never given the chance to be accepted.

Her spirit freer than a bird with wings.

Here lies the girl who loved with all her,

and gave all herself to a boy who couldn’t handle her.

She promised him a life that he gave up years ago.

She never loved like that again.

She’ll never love like that again.

Here lies the girl

who’s never going to know what it’s like to be remembered.

She’ll never be forgotten

Yet, she’ll never be known.

The girl who no one got the chance to meet,

but saw her every day.

There is a lot she hid from everyone,

There is a lot that nobody saw.

They never saw a girl who was on brink of the break.

They see now,

They pushed her too hard that day,

They overwhelmed her too much that day.

The priest and the parents may say it’s not their fault,

but I am here to tell you,

Her lies the girl

who’s only cure was to be loved

but everyone abused too much to.

Now she lay here because of the people who hurt her more than she deserved.

Her lies the girl,

who had to so much to tell us,

but showed us instead.



I’m a fool,

     I’ve tried to tell myself

you’re gone forever,

But there’s a part of me that hopes

you’re waiting for the perfect moment to come back.

I keep a grip onto something that so meaningless.

Because letting go,

hurts too much.

I am foolish for falling so hard and loving too much.

I can’t even stop thinking of


of us..

And some days, I think I am over it,

Other days, I’m begging for your love.

I can be okay,

But never will I be okay with you not coming back.

I am a fool,

for loving the same way every day since you broke my heart.

I was the Girl

I was the girl who didn’t get up.

I wanted to lay there,

just crying. 

I couldn’t see how I wasn’t good enough. 

I did everything I could’ve done for you.

I opened my heart,

And closed my world.

But then locked myself up.

The rush made my breathing stop.

My confindence was crushed.

Everything was happening so fast.

I couldn’t keep up.

But look at me now,

I’m riding on the clouds,

looking down upon you.

Nothing to see,

Nothing to hear,

just the sound of my breathing.

I bet you regret leaving now,

Because I gave myself the thrill to love again.

She’ll Be Gone

A kiss of her fate,

A death wish almost,

A way to forgive,

but not forget.

The love of one,

But a hate for another.

Always trying,

But never the effort.

She’ll cry,

But never a tear will shed.

She’s so strong,

but her heart may stop,

After she is drained.

People’s lives will be changed,

They’ll see they pushed her too far.

They’ll be sorry.

But she’ll be gone.

I Want to Let Go

I just want to let go,

Let you walk away every day.

I want to leave without my heart aching.

I don’t want to miss you.

I just want to let go,

Without a single regret.

I want to leave you behind without shedding a tear.

I could smile all the time,

I would forget your name.

I could just let go,

Move forward,

Without looking back.